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Re: Birds of Russia and Mongolia

<To continue with vehicular analogies, I would say this thread should be put
into the garage and its engines turned off.>

Garaged and quiet.  But a convenience feature has been activated:  push a
button on the remote and the engine begins to rev.  The following statements
are too intriguing to stand idling.

<...A number of synapomorphies show close relationships of the
Enantiornithes and Archaeornithes, that unites them into the taxon
Sauriurae. The relationships of Confuciusornis is problematic. Perhaps
Confuciusornis presents a separate lineage of early birds. Alvarezsauridae
do not belong to Aves. Protoavis is not a bird, but it had many features
which are convergent to ones of the
Ornithurae. Sinosauropteryx, Protarchaeopteryx and Caudipteryx are feathers
theropods, which confirm that feathers originated in evolution more than
once. Ambiortus is a paleognathous neornithine, but not an
ichthyornithiform. Ambiortus and the Early Cretaceous Chinese Otogornis
belong to the order Ambiortiformes. Firm evidence supports that three wing
digits of Archaeopteryx and ornithurine birds are not homologous, and the
same is true feathers of Archaeopteryx and recent birds. All these data
force to think that some separate lineages of the feathered creatures
evolved during the Mesozoic and they had independent origin.>

The independent origin is unexpected.