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<(The last "marsupial lion", *Thylacoleo
carnifex*, which died out after humans came to Australia, is thought to have
been the most specialised carnivorous mammal ever.)>

How specialized?  It ate a variety of large kangaroos, died out with its
prey about 18,000 years ago.  Interestingly, it strangled its prey with its
hands.  Had strong, clawed, hooded, opposable (if I read correctly) thumbs.
Definitely a possum that could make road kill of passersby (arboreal
ambusher, apparently).

<Thylacoleo appears to have vanished along with many of the large marsupial
herbivores during a time of great aridity which occurred about 18,000 years
ago.  It was a period when the great ice sheets of the northern hemisphere
reached their maximum.>

The quote is from page 2.