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For those of you who have seen Big Al, you will have heard their little in-joke which is relevant to my point -
Two Stegosaurs approach each other to mate and the narrator notes that they are about to attempt what is "a very complex task" for them. But whoops! Before they can get down to business, Big Al arrives on the scenes and frightens them off, thus preventing us seeing something quite amazing.
How the hell did Stegosaurs mate??
I would love to hear anyone's theory.
But it occurrs to me that if we have so much of a problem finding a comfortable position which would allow physical coupling, then what's to say that they didn't do what other animals do today - Perhaps the female layed the unfertilised eggs on the ground and then the male fertilized them externally.
Has this been considered before? Is there any reason why it should be discounted??
If it was the case for Stegs, then why not other dinosaurs whose sex lives seem to have been anything less than enjoyable, such as Diplodocus?
Thoughts please.

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