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Re: Sex

> > External fertilization of eggs in dinosaurs
> > probably did not occur because there
> > are no known amniotes (reptiles, birds,
> > mammals) that have external fertilization.
> > External fertilization usually occurs in
> > anamniotes (amphibians, fish) because
> > there is water for the sperm of the male to swim in.
> Well, its funny that you should say that. The animal in which inspired my
> question was the Horseshoe crab. The eggs are layed and fertilized in the
> sand, out of the water. The female lays them and then the smaller male is
> dragged over them.

Crabs as an analogy for dinosaurs is an interesting idea... apart from that
really no known amniote uses external fertilization (apart from humans, in
vitro), I doubt sperm cells could get through eggshell, amnion, and what
else there is in an amniote egg.


> Indeed, but these animals' genitals can at least get within a few feet of
> each other in the traditional mount. Stegosaurus has, if you'll forgive
> pun, an insurmountable problem as far as I can see.
> > In some camels, the female lays on the ground sideways
> > and the male mounts her sideways.
> This seems a little more plausible.
> Perhaps if the female splayed her legs right out (the same way giraffes do
> in order to drink) and raised her tail as high as possible (almost
> then the male could rear up on his hind legs. That would keep the plates
> spines well away from each other and allow the two undersides of the
> to meet.
> I think I will sketch a couple of ideas....
> Hmm... the Stegosaur Karma Sutra.... Could be a big hit.

Kenneth Carpenter, in his book "Eggs, Nests, and Baby Dinosaurs" IIRC, has
even portrayed a pair of *Stegosaurus*... erm... accomplishing vertical gene
transfer :-P . "[...] like porcupines: very carefully", he writes. So the
Stegosaur Ka_ma Sutra already exists B-) .