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RE: P/Tr impact?

> From: James R. Cunningham [mailto:jrccea@bellsouth.net]
> > >       In any case: no reason to suspect that the body that
> brought these
> > >fullerenes to Earth was anything other than an ordinary chunk
> of our own
> > >system. (Holtz)
> Jeff and Tom, I'm speaking from memory, so may well be wrong.  I had the
> impression that the isotope ratios were typical of the enviroment
> of a more
> carbon rich star than ours, so would have had an extrasolar
> origin.

According to the paper in Science, the isotopic values they find are similar
to those in typical (solar) carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, so there is
no reason to invoke an extrasolar impactor from the isotopic data.

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