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Re: A little off subject...Re: Sue had no wishbone...

<This is ultimately the value of peer review, because none of us is
unbiased.  If several people can look at your reported results,
observations, etc., and draw similar
conclusions, this strengthens your article and its contribution to the
scientific process.>

I was following you, Matt, until you hit the passage quoted above.  Let's
say that the peers have looked at the same facts, more or less, and drawn a
different but reasonable conclusion.  I would hope that they could look at
the report and say, 'Yes, this a reasonable alternative to my own views.  I
may think it less like for the following reasons, but less likely does not
mean I have refuted the conclusions drawn.'
So perhaps you might want to modify the assertion quoted?  I wouldn't call
this peer review, but it does seem a reasonable inference to draw.