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<PG-13> Re: Sex

At 7:45 PM -0500 2/25/01, Buckaroobwana@aol.com wrote:
Perhaps some of the larger dinosaurs mated in water, like crocodilians. What
do the rest of you think?(I know this idea was proposed before, but I forget
                                                    Brian Buck

Oh Man, We've gone for puking to sex. Now, there could be an analogy.... and as for this:

At 12:41 AM +0000 2/26/01, Gavin Rymill wrote:
When I showed the second image to one of my friends he asked, "Is the bottom
one dead??"

I am not touching that with a ten foot pole, but I am laughing. Oh yes. So is everyone else.

Darn it. you are all finding out why I study behavior! If you are a critter trying to eke out a living in a niche and reproduce and not be eaten..... there are only just so many things a critter can do. . . . . . aren't putative "female" theropods known to have healed vertebrae at the base of the tail? If so, it may give new meaning to that old buckboard wagon phrase of the early west: "WHOAAAAAA, BIG FELLA"

(flame suit on; ducking and covering)

I promise, to become serious and professorial on Monday as soon as it gets here