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Re: <PG-13> Re: Sex

At 12:41 AM +0000 2/26/01, Gavin Rymill wrote:
<When I showed the second image to one of my friends he asked, "Is the
bottom one dead??">

M. Wegweiser responded:
<I am not touching that with a ten foot pole, but I am laughing. Oh yes. So
is everyone else.>

I duly note the following passage from a review of 'The She Creature' at And
You Call Yourself a Scientist.  The movie starred Marla English as a woman
named Andrea who goes into a trance to release the titular character.  (What
cladogram you gonna put that one in, guys?):

<However, in the end Andrea just spends too great a proportion of her
screentime lying on a couch in a trance for her to qualify as a really
successful heroine. ("How come you get to just lie there, while I have to do
all the work?" complained Paul Blaisdell during production. "You sound like
my boyfriend," responded Ms English).>