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Re: Sex

From: "Gavin Rymill" <gavin@gavinrymill.com>
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 10:11 AM

> And an even more hasty sketch of the sideways position here.
> http://gavinrymill.com/dinosaurs/SteggySex3.gif  Personally I can't see
> happening. I don't think the animal on the ground is going to be very

After viewing your eye-opening pictures, your stegs seem a little
inflexible! I'd imagine that their tails were very flexible in lateral
movement (it makes their defensive spikes rather pointless if this were not
the case), which means you could perhaps have both stegs standing parallel
to each other, the female flexing her tail laterally to permit the male
easier access to her vent. Of course, that still demands appropriate
positioning by the male to align their genitalia - maybe he could rotate his
body relative to hers? Crocs in the water do this, with the male's legs
rotating the female's belly towards him, hence bringing them into better
alignment. It's easier if you have buoyancy to assist you, of course, and it
would be tougher on land.

If one of the stegs rotated a bit too far, of course, you'd end up with the
position in your second diagram!

> I just can't see a 5+
> tonne animal dropping heavily onto its side, being sat on by another 5+
> tonne animal and then happily springing back onto its feet.

Which makes me wonder, how easily can such large animals get up from a prone
position anyway? Watching elephants, it strikes me that if some of the
bigger sauropods (for example) were to lie down, might they not have trouble
getting up again?