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Walking with Dinosaurs Steg Size

> mentioned in _Walking With Dinosaurs: The Evidence_,

Quick boot-licking first:

Darren, congratulations on a fine, fine book. Its an absolutely excellent
explanation of a thoroughly excellent series. Its a superb read and not
riddled with long and unfamiliar words, perfect for the less-initiated
amongst us (I mean my sister, of course).

To the point.

(And not neccessarily solely one for Nr Naish to answer if anyone else has
pertinant information - )

Why were the Stegosaurs in WwD so BIG??

_Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History_ describes them as 13 metres long
and 7 metres high at the hip including plates. And weighing in at about 7
tonnes. This is immense!

However my encylopedia (and other sources) gives a maximum length of 9
metres. That brings the total height down to around 4m. Quick a significant

Why is this?


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