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Rex Sex

> Anyone thought that, perhaps the stegosaur's plates could be under
> control, and flattened out during mating?

Yep, I was thinking about this while doing the sketch. Even when flat
though, the point from which they emerge from body is likely to be leant
upon in the "sideways position". During even a tiny amount of roll, they're
likely to be not just flattened but bent back the other way.

Any while we're on the subject, I was just thinking about the mating scene
of the T rexes in Walking with Dinosaurs: Death of a Dynasty. I felt it was
something of a cop out, if you'll excuse that horrible pun.

If you recall, the animals were simply standing side-by-side to do the deed.
Screen image here: http://www.gavinrymill.com/dinosaurs/RexMatingSide.jpg
The action was tastefully shot so that we couldn't see what was going on but
am I right in thinking that the suggestion there was that the male had a
very manipulatable (is that a word) penis?
The female appears to be crouched down low but if you look at where the feet
are positioned on the ground, the male'e quite a distance away.


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