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Re: Walking with Dinosaurs Steg Size

> >Why were the Stegosaurs in WwD so BIG??
> Because they're digitally related to the ones in The Lost World?

Good answer!! :o)

I'm half-temped to ask a series of follow-up questions about Jurassic Park
but I think we all know the answer (and I'm sure they've all been asked
before). The answer: "Its Hollywood". (By the way, those questions would
have been: "Why base the raptors on _Deinonychus_ and then still call them
raptors?" and "Why were the _Dilophosaurus_ so TINY?" and and and....)

But the fact is, _Walking with Dinosaurs_ was not Hollywood, so I think
questions of accurracy are worth asking. Mainly because I'm sure there are
good answers. :o)

ps. On the point of Steg accuracy, I've just been reading a few of Mr
Naish's critisisms of The Lost World here:


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