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>Mike Benton also mentioned Savage's culinary tendencies in the 
>obituary he wrote for the Pal. Ass. Mike's recollection was then, when 
>asked what okapi tasted like, Savage said 'a combination of hippo and 
>eland', or something similar.

How interesting. As I mentioned, I strongly suspected that he'd practiced
the okapi joke many times before. I distinctly remember he told me that
okapi tasted like giraffe and not any other animal, because he then went on
to explain how closely related the two animals are (something I didn't
appreciate at the time). He then launched into another well-rehearsed story
about how the okapi was discovered in 1901(?) by the then Governor of
Uganda etc, etc. I left Bristol wondering whether I'd been interviewed or
just rather well entertained...