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RTF and dinosaur e-mail

My e-mail supports RTF format and usually autoselects for it. Many times I have received dinosaur list e-mail that has been formatted with italics and so on. I assumed this was okay, but I will refrain from using RTF to format my e-mails in the future.

Matt Bonnan

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RTF is a format for WORD PROCESSORS, not for e-mail.

It seems to be particularly common as a default format for MacIntosh word
processors. It was designed, in fact, to allow the easier transfer of
information between the MacIntosh and the PC platform.

eMail software (not the computer itself) will usually read HTML mail which is
becoming more and more common, but very few, if any, eMail programs that I'm
aware of will read RTF. The idea that a "computer" acommodates a particular file
format simply ignores the diversity of operating systems and software that exist
in the world.

Sorry... this is not directly related to dinosaurs, but this issue has come up
before and it seemed worth clarifying since there is such a variety of eMail
software in use.



Matthew Bonnan wrote:

> George and all:
> The little symbols some of you may see (*#^?) are due to my having written
> my responses in RTF or rich text format -- some computers apparently can't
> read RTF so I will try to remember to revert to old school e-mail for now.
> =) But should I send something in the future and you see those symbols,
> that's what's going on. I thought most machines out there could accomodate
> it.

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