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Re: Dimorphic Dilophosaurs

Steve Brusatte wrote:
I was recently allerted of a paper discussing sexual dimorphism in Dilophosaurus. Could anybody give me a ref, and, if possible, an abstract or short summary (because I have a hard time finding many of these papers in the middle of Illinois farm country).<

To which Jordan Mallon replied:
Might this have anything to do with the whole _D. wetherilli_/_D.
breedorum_ "controversy"? I understand many people consider them to be sexual dimorphs.<

Alow me to step in here. While HP Greg Paul suggests sexual dimorphism in his excelent book, PDW, I must disagree. While I may by no means be a Ph.D., I do have some experience with this animal. In fact, a project that I undertook was trying to compare potential sexual dimorphism in _Coelophysis bauri_ and _Syntarsus rhodesiensis_ to _D. wetherilli_. I measured, compared, looked at many actual specimens, ploted charts, ran ratios. And I wrote a paper for my paleo class. My conclusion; all variation seen within _D. wetherilli_ can be explained by individual variation and ontogeny. The plot is a straight line, unlike what was found by Raath in _S. rhodesiensis_. There is no evidence that I have seen that _D. wetherilli_ exhibits sexual dimorphism (though, I must say, I think it would be cool if it did). So, there you have it. Although I may not usually have much to contribute to some of the topics on this list, this is one thing that I do have some knowledge about. If anyone wants a copy of my paper, by the way, feel free to contact me, and I'll e-mail them a copy.

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