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Re: DINOSAUR digest 1671

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From: "Matthew Bonnan" <mbonnan@hotmail.com>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Re: A little off subject...Re: Sue had no wishbone...
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George and all:

The little symbols some of you may see (*#^?) are due to my having written my responses in RTF or rich text format -- some computers apparently can't read RTF so I will try to remember to revert to old school e-mail for now. =) But should I send something in the future and you see those symbols, that's what's going on. I thought most machines out there could accomodate it.


one particular aspect that screws up *all* fancy formatting is the Dinosaur Digest, as listproc simply takes the literal file supplied for each e-mail an concatenates them into one long file, e-mail headers, text, formatting and all.
Most e-mail programs then take the Digest as a single large plain-text e-mail, as they have no reason to do otherwise...

(We often get to see the insides of binary files, and raw HTML codes from those who use HTML format)

-- Neil Taylor "Creo Imaginem Mente"