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Darren Naish wrote:
"These observations imply that birds outcompete diurnal bats when the
two coexist... maybe this is because bat flight apparatus is more fragile
than feathers or, more reasonably, that bats are inherently constrained
by their thermoregulatory abilities (bats overheat quicker in sunlight
and cool quicker in cold air than birds - obviously because of their
largely naked patagia). Could the same have been at all true of
I believe birds do better than bats in daylight because birds rely on vision whereas bats rely on echolocation. Echolocation is neither as acute nor as effective as seeing, if one has good eyes. Birds certainly have very good eyes. However, in darkness, where nothing can be seen, echolocation is better than eyesight, so the bats have managed to fill the nocturnal niches.
Best wishes,
Henri Rönkkö