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SVP Paleo Art Awards

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From: "Judy Horan" <palaeopress@cadvision.com>
To: "Dinosaur List" <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject: SVP Paleo Art Awards
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:52:27 -0700

In Mexico City, some people referred to it as the glamour event of the SVP
Awards. As all eyes turned to the big screen to see the paleo art selections
that were named winners, it rather did have an "Academy Awards" sort of feel
to it! It was wonderful to enjoy the efforts of paleo artists, who turn
science into an art form, be honoured for the first time with a series of
art awards provided through the generosity of Chicago's John Lanzendorf.

The deadline for submissions to the John J. Lanzendorf SVP paleo art awards
will soon be upon us. There are three categories, two dimensional art, three
dimensional art, and technical illustrations. To view the deadline, rules
and submission details:


Submit, submit, submit--and we look forward to seeing the best results of
your efforts at SVP in Bozeman.

    Judy Horan
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