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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #154

Dinogeorge wrote...
> Furthermore, I have confirmed that the more recently described Microraptor
> zhaoianus Xu, Zhao & Wang, 2000 (Nature 408: 705â708) is the dinosaur
> tail, directly from the counterslab of the holotype specimen, was used to
> doctor the Archaeoraptor liaoningensis specimen depicted in National
> Geographic.

    Just curious, on what basis did you make this ID?  It should be pretty
concrete and subjected to review before making the claim and prompting the
course of action given below.  I'm not up on ICZN  procedures for dealing
with this kind of appeal, but I'd guess they will want to at least see the
identification of the Archaeraptor tail as belonging to Microraptor in
peer-reviewed print before taking this kind of action to protect

>The name Archaeoraptor has clear priority over Microraptor, and the
> species A. liaoningensis has clear priority over M. zhaoianus!
> Naturally, this kind of shenanigan cannot stand. In due time, I will,
> assuming nobody else will already have done so, petition the ICZN to
> add the names Archaeoraptor and Archaeoraptor liaoningensis to their
> of rejected generic and specific names, so as to maintain the names
> Microraptor and Microraptor zhaoianus

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