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Re: Instant Gratification (was re: paper request)

philidor11 wrote:

> Not disagreeing with your argument about protecting copyrights, but if you
> listen to the first part of the recording you'll hear that all the copyright
> proprieties have been observed.  At least as far as I can tell.

It appears that they may not have been observed.  The audio book itself is the
Blackstone version, one of  two authorized legitimate audio versions of Stranger
(the other is from Books On Tape).  The free public transmission with written
instructions on how to make additional free computer copies does not appear to
be in compliance with proper usage.

> I do think that copyright law is going to have to change, and I'd enjoy
> hearing how you think the law should respond to the easier dissemination of
> material.

I'm not a copyright attorney, and don't have an authoritative position on the
subject.  I just don't like seeing folks get shafted.  I am fully in favor of
computer compilations of of paleontology research abstracts with contact
information for available sources, but not of obvious misuses of the technology.

> At work, I'm looking at a similar situation with internet gambling.  How
> should the law respond to something it can't stop?

I don't know, but the inability for the law to stop something doesn't
necessarily make it morally acceptable.