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Re: extinct Komodo fauna

In a message dated 1/2/01 3:00:57 AM, dinonaut@tacisp.com writes:

<< I recently finished a wonderful book on recent extinction theories,

called " Song of the dodo". This is a must read for anyone concerned with

the efforts to save the fauna of our planet. However, I digress.

    In the book, there is a section were the author visits the Komodo

Islands. He states that before humans arrrived, the mondo monitors ate pygmy

elephants intil they went extinct. >>

Well, I sincerely doubt that as Homo sapians have been in the area of Komodo 
for at least 80 thousand years, and Komodo was part of the mainland during 
the ice age, if I recall my nautical charts correctly.

eric l.

eric l.