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Re: Scaly tyrannosaurs; fact or fiction?

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, philidor11 wrote:

> Mind if I get pedantic for a moment?
> 'Integument' refers to skin in general.  There's a word for the part of the
> skin from which feathers grow:  pteryla.  The part of the skin from which
> feathers do not grow is apteria.
> You could just say 'the known scope for feathers', but if you're going to
> refer to skin, wouldn't pteryla be more precise?
> Hope you find this useful.

"Feathery integument" is the term I came up with to refer to everything
from true feathers to "sino-fuzz" on my website. If there's a better term,
I'd certainly rather use it.

The terms you offer are useful, but I want something that refers to the
feathers, etc. themselves, not just the skin they grow from. "Pterylous
structures"? "Pteryges"?

If either of these, or something like them, is correct, I'll probably hold
off on replacing the term "feathery integument" on my site until the new
version is ready. The reason for this is that a "pteryla"-related term
won't be as clear to most readers. The next version of the Dinosauricon
will make every instance of this term (and many others) a link to the
glossary entry.

Or perhaps "feathery structures" is what I want....
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