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Dino extinction artical{Ananova}

I found this on the web

 Ananova : 

Dinosaur extinction 'caused by impotency'

A Chinese scholar claims dinosaurs became extinct because the males became impotent.

Climate and geological changes towards the end of the Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago resulted in the terminal infertility of male dionosaurs, according to geo-scientist Yang Chaoqun.

His theory has been accepted by a number of renowned geologists and palaeontologists in China's Guangzhou province.

Mr Yang's theory is based on the fact that many well-preserved dinosaur egg fossils were found in the Xixia basin in central Henan province. The egg fossils found in the area far outnumber fossils of fully grown dinosaurs.

He believes that dry weather during the Cretaceous Period caused water levels in lakes to drop, leading to higher concentrations of salt and minerals in the water. The large amounts of minerals, especially sulphates, damaged the reproductive systems of dinosaurs that drank from the lakes the Straits Times reports.