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Re: Microvenatoridae?

Thomas Holtz wrote-

> My LATEST matrix (the SVP 2K matrix, not the modified Gaia one which will
> appear in the Ostrom Symposium) finds _Caudipteryx_ as closer to
> Oviraptorosauria/Oviraptoroidea (= Caenagnathidae + Oviraptoridae) than to
> Therizinosauroidea, but outside a _Microvenator_ + Oviraptoroidea clade.
> fact, when _Nomingia_ is included, it fell closer to _Caudipteryx_ than to
> other oviraptorosaurs!

Cool! Even better.  Apparently Tom and I have independantly come up with the
same phylogeny for this clade.  So not only has the Caudipteryx-Microvenator
problem been tested by two independant parties, both agree on the following
(Segnosauria ((Caudipteryx + Nomingia) (Microvenator (Caenagnathidae +
Oviraptoridae)))) .

Mickey Mortimer