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Re: Chris Brochu lecture at Science Museum of MN

"A T. Rex Named Sue" will be at the Science Museum through January 21, 2001.<
I had the chance to see the Sue cast in Los Angeles, at the LA Natural History Museum, and had a couple questions regarding it, and another specimen at the museum.
Sue: The knee of the right leg seemed oddly-placed. The femur seemed to be touching one of the ribs. This doesn't seem to be quite possible. It would have to be projecting through part of the body cavity to get to the position it was displayed in. Is this just a fluke in the LA mount, or is this the way it's supposed to be.
Other specimen: In the main lobby area, there is a mount of a _T. rex_ attacking a _Triceratops_. There was some discussion on the list about how there was no side to side flexibility in dinosaurian ankles and knees, and the flexibility of the pelvic-femoral joint. The question that came to my mind, after seeing this specimen is: How coudl dinosaurs change directions if none of there limb joints could move lateraly? This mount appeared to have gotten around this by slightly dislocating the left knee of the _Tyrannosaurus_. Thanks!

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