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New dinosaur articles

My Vertebrata PalAsiatica V. 38, n. 4 just came in. There are a few articles in it about dinosaurs. The first has some significance due to some of the recent topics.


Zhou, X, Wang X., Zhang F., and Xu X., 2000. Important features of Caudipteryx- evidence from two nearly complete new specimens. 243-265.


These specimens are not the new species C. dongi. They are nearly complete, nicely preserved specimens. I haven’t read it over yet. There is this one quote though…On the other hand, it must be pointed out that cladistic result is based on the assumption of the principle of parsimony which is, however, philosophically untestable. Therefore, although with the discoveries of more unexpected bird-like characters in Caudipteryx we still believe it is a feathered dinosaur because of its overwhelming similarity to dinosaurs it must be admitted that we have no compelling evidence to exclude it from being a flightless bird; in other words, theoretically there is no single dinosaurian character in Caudipteryx that could not have been reversed from its presumable avian ancestor…


The other paper is of a new small Ornithischian. Xu, X., Wang X and You H., A primitive ornithopod from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning. It comes from Lujiatun (new locality to me), Shangyuan, Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, China.  


Jeholosaurus shangyuanensis. A nearly complete skull, dorsally flattened and a referred specimen that is laterally compressed and a few skeletal elements. For not its Ornithischia incertae sedis and they say a longer paper is forth coming.


So, just 2 more to 900.


And one interesting not dinosaurian paper.


LI, C., Placodont (Reptilia: Placodontia) from the Upper Triassic of Guizhou, Southwest China. A very nice nearly complete specimen that is lying on it’s stomach. Sinocyamodus xipuensis.