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Re: extinct Komodo fauna

<Well, I sincerely doubt that as Homo sapians have been in the area of
Komodo for at least 80 thousand years, and <Komodo was part of the mainland
during the ice age, if I recall my nautical charts correctly. 
<Eric l

There is fairly convincing evidence of humans (stone tools) on some of the
lesser Sundas (e. g. Flores) going back to the Middle Pleistocene, though
these would presumably be Homo erectus. As to when H. sapiens arrived at
Komodo it is not known, but it must have been well before they arrived in
Australia 40,000+ years ago.
Komodo was never part of Sundaland. The first deep channel is between Bali
and Lombok. East of this faunas are species-poor and insular, and yes they
included dwarfed elephants, all the way east to Timor. Elephants are very
good swimmers.
Tommy Tyrberg