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Re: New dinosaur articles

Hi Tracy!

The other paper is of a new small Ornithischian. Xu, X., Wang X and You H.,
A primitive ornithopod from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of
Liaoning. It comes from Lujiatun (new locality to me), Shangyuan, Beipiao
City, Liaoning Province, China.

This paper sounds interesting - do you have the page numbers in _Vertebrata PalAsiatica_?



Jeholosaurus shangyuanensis. A nearly complete skull, dorsally flattened and
a referred specimen that is laterally compressed and a few skeletal
elements. For not its Ornithischia incertae sedis and they say a longer
paper is forth coming.

So, just 2 more to 900.

And one interesting not dinosaurian paper.

LI, C., Placodont (Reptilia: Placodontia) from the Upper Triassic of
Guizhou, Southwest China. A very nice nearly complete specimen that is lying
on it?s stomach. Sinocyamodus xipuensis.


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