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Re: Archaeopteryx Pes

Allan Smith wrote-

> I have found several skeletal reconstructions of Archaeopteryx with digit
> retracted like in dromaeosaurs. Is this an accepted position or just one
> theory? I have four casts of archy and none of them show this retraction.

I assume you mean digit II, which is the "sickle claw" of dromaeosaurs and
some other paravians.  The idea was originally proposed by Paul (1988).
Elzanowski and Pasko (1999) determined that Paul had the phalanges upside
down, so there was no possibility of retracting the digit.

Elzanowski, A. & Pasko, L. 1999. A skeletal reconstruction of
Archaeopteryx. Acta Ornithologica 34(2):123-129.

Mickey Mortimer