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RE: Chris Brochu lecture at Science Museum of MN

Other specimen: In the main lobby area, there is a mount of a _T. rex_
attacking a _Triceratops_. There was some discussion on the list about how
there was no side to side flexibility in dinosaurian ankles and knees, and
the flexibility of the pelvic-femoral joint. The question that came to my
mind, after seeing this specimen is: How coudl dinosaurs change directions
if none of there limb joints could move lateraly? This mount appeared to
have gotten around this by slightly dislocating the left knee of the
_Tyrannosaurus_. Thanks!<<
That is something I've been asking paleontologist for a while now. A better
question is how do birds turn? They have the same ankle structure. The last
thing I've been told is that the leg turns at the pelvis (Larry Martin). I'd
like to know if this is true.