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Re: Papers on Line: The Acrocanthosaurus paper!

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Subject: Re: Papers on Line: The Acrocanthosaurus paper!

> They do have a cladogram, but for an outgroup they use the highly derived
> Abelisauridae rather than the more conservative _Ceratosaurus_ (or
> like _Torvosaurus_), which I would have preferred.  I also disagreed with
> some of their character polarities.

If you take a look at Harris's Acrocanthosaurus reanalysis published in the
Bulletin 13 of New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science at page 72
to 75 for the matrix and 54 to 55 for the cladogram you have a lot of
outgroups more conservative than Abelisauridae such as Torvosaurus,
Afrovenator, Eustreptospondylus, Piatnitzkysaurus etc...

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