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Re: Paleo Find ("Millennium Man")

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001 12:41:44   
 David Marjanovic wrote:

>        *Microraptor* is significant, mainly because of its size, but I
>don't think it was any more arboreal than a cat, probably much less. Like
>all other dinosaurs (save a few specialized birds), it couldn't sprawl its
>legs, for instance. IMHO, birds only became arboreal after they were capable
>of flying at Pygostylia level. I don't support the cursorial hypothesis,
>either; more in my paper :.-( ...

Flight evolving neither from the trees or from the ground??  Wow, I'll have to 
get my hands on this paper.  When is it coming out, and in what journal?

BTW, I've always regarded the arboreal hypothesis as more plausible.  Maybe 
Microraptor will help prove this...although it likely didn't really live in 


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