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Some new papers and comments on going to the library

Well I found some new articles at the Library today.


Erickson, G. M., and Tumanova T. A., 2000. Growth curve of Psittacosaurus mongoliensis Osborn (Ceratopsia: Psittacosauridae) inferred from long bone histology. Zool. J. Linn. Soc., v. 130: 551-566.


Basically after doing histological studies they’ve found that Psittacosaurus grew at a faster rate then other dinosaurs. 4 times faster than extant reptiles, 25% faster than marsupials and 3-20 times slower than typical eutherians and avian taxa.


While I was at the library today I found some interesting articles in the current issue area. Palaeogeography, climatology, and ecology had a symposium volume about Fire and the Palaeoenvironment (kind of ironic considering whats going on in San Diego right now). The articles range from modern times to the Silurian. I know Ken Carpenter did an article on wild fires in the late Cretaceous (or at least I think he did). Once when I was prospecting with Darren Tanke in Dinosaur Provincal Park we found a row of beaded amber and small pieces of charcoal from the Dinosaur Park Formation. It’s an interesting topic.


Then there is N. R. Geist, 2000. Nasal Respiratory Turbinate Function in Birds. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, v. 73, n. 5: 581-589. Nothing really on fossil animals but has great potential in the debate on fossil animal physiology (I think). I wouldn’t have even looked at the journal but it kind of called to me to look at it as I walked by (wouldn’t have happened if I just went to the internet).


Another symposium volume is about southern Mexico geology. I’m working on some Baja dinosaurs and plate tectonics and this may help me in this. I need to contact some of the authors to see if their work will help mine. Wouldn’t have happened if I just went to the internet.


While I walked the stacks I found an article on the different genera of living Nautilus. I noticed an illustration of a paper nautilus on the back of the issue and I know a friend of mine would like it. Wouldn’t have happened if I just went to the internet.


I’m not saying DON’T use the internet, just you also need to go to the library and go through the stacks because you never know what you’ll find that will help in your research or articles that you’ll just find interesting.