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Re: Some new papers and comments on going to the library

In a message dated 1/4/01 8:34:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
tlford@ix.netcom.com writes:

>  While I was at the library today I found some interesting articles in the
>  current issue area. Palaeogeography, climatology, and ecology had a
>  symposium volume about Fire and the Palaeoenvironment (kind of ironic
>  considering whats going on in San Diego right now). The articles range from
>  modern times to the Silurian. I know Ken Carpenter did an article on wild
>  fires in the late Cretaceous (or at least I think he did). Once when I was
>  prospecting with Darren Tanke in Dinosaur Provincal Park we found a row of
>  beaded amber and small pieces of charcoal from the Dinosaur Park Formation.
>  Itâs an interesting topic.

As a testament to _USING_ the Internet, I also found thsi volume _on-line_ 
via the Elsevier Website I included at the end of my remarks. The whole damn 
thing is downloadable and except for one or two articles, I. have downloaded 
the whole issue. Furthermore, as we speak,  I have been downloading a 
substantial number of papers from that site mostly of relevance to 
chemostratigraphy but with some more suited to this list. 
These articles go back several years and after a short period of time (1 year 
I think) they are no longer available except in abstract form. Also, follow 
the links at the site to other Elsevier published journals (in which you can 
specify paleo or geological) and some of those are similarly available.
I am on my third inkjet cartridge and  -nth  ream of paper from all the 

You just have get off your #$^ and do it! (not you Tracy!) 


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies