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Re: Dinosaur FAQ #4

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, David Marjanovic wrote:

> I've often wondered about that. Sometimes it is probably that the
> "scientific" word is better defined, or that people feel that "foot" cannot
> be applied to e. g. an ichthyosaur, or simply the desire to keep a secret
> language for insiders (this one is disappearing =8-) , especially in the
> USA). Surely someone has a better idea?

I was actually thinking at some point in the future of implementing an
automated system on the Dinosauricon where people could select novice or
expert terminology. I'd write the essays with terms like "pedal unguals",
"edentulous mandibles", "pterylous integument", etc., which would be
translated into "foot claws", "toothless jaws", "feathers", etc. for the
"layman" version.

OOC, which version would you people probably read? Please e-mail me
off-list at <dinosaur@dinosauricon.com>.

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