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Re: Archaeopteryx Pes

> > Something very similar seems to have been going on in Confuciusornis,
> > Sereno I think was the first to note that.
> Chiappe et al. (1999) deny predatory specializations in the pes of
> Confuciusornis and the distal articulation of phalanx II-1 doesn't look
> dorsoventrally expanded in specimen GMV-2130 at least.  I could be wrong
> however, as it is shown in dorsomedial view.

>From personal observation of one of the best publicly exhibited specimens of
*Confuciusornis sanctus* worldwide (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien = NHMW =
Natural History Museum Vienna) I can confirm that the claws on the second
toes are enlarged, though not as much as in dromaeosaurs. *C.* surely wasn't
a predator, but this doesn't preclude other uses such as display,
intraspecific fighting, etc.. I can't tell whether the toe was