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Re: Some new papers and comments on going to the library

In a message dated 1/4/01 10:32:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, Tompaleo@aol.com 

In part I wrote,
>  >  While I was at the library today I found some interesting articles in 
>  >  current issue area. Palaeogeography, climatology, and ecology had a
>  >  symposium volume about Fire and the Palaeoenvironment (kind of ironic
>  >  considering whats going on in San Diego right now). T

but what I forgot to include in my haste to get to bed last evening was the 
fact that here in the Arundel we have a pleothora of fusain comingled with 
the similarly abundant lignite. The former was an everpresent nuisance during 
the last two summers of underwater screen washing for microvertebrates.It 
floats alright but it sticks to everything which considerably slowed down our 
It is also an interesting paleoenvironmental and possibly taphonomic 
testament to periodic or seasonal wildfires during the early-mid Aptian. It 
also adds support to the paleobotanical evidence for strong seasonality (i.e 
warm, moist to hot dry) in this area. 


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies