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Re: Finding literature

At 09:45 PM 1/5/2001 -0500, you wrote:
Actually, this is not true anymore. There are now (and has been for a while) two split off journals that do not include the mineralogy-type articles. They are N. JB. Geologie und Palaontologie Monat. and NJGP Abhandlunge. One has standard volume numbers, one uses the year of publication as the volume number. THey look very much alike but publish lots of good stuff, including lots of reptile stuff. The spelling may be off on the words as I am at home right now. They, along with a related N. JB. that covers the more mineral sciences side of things all, I believe, come from the other. Tough to get the spelling just right and, frankly, I am amazed at just how rigid library search engines in many places are about not finding things unless they are just right. If necessary, I'll dig up the loc reference alphanumerics for them, as I have various issues out in my office.
The number of journals that have titles that are close to what I was looking for was part of the problem (along with a simple spelling error). I managed to find it. Apparently U of T's search engine is REALLY picky about spelling. The accents did matter. I cannot figure out how to make my computer do them.

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