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Re: Scaly tyrannosaurs; fact or fiction?

Just back from a vacation. This discussion about Tyrannosaurus being or not 
being member of clade (_Sinosauropteryx_ + _Passeres_), for which feathery 
integument is known, reminded me of an earlier eMail from DinoGeorge.

On Wed, 26 May 1999, DinoGeorge wrote in a discussion about the integumentary 
filaments as in Sinosauropteryx:
> Integumentary filaments, sometimes accompanied by osteoderms, are 
> for dinosaurs< (not just some advanced subgroup of theropods), and their 
> "broad distribution" in Dinosauria (not just Theropoda) accounts for their 
> appearance in those phytodinosaurian segnosaurs. One of these days there 
> be some interesting news about a certain group of small ornithischian 
> dinosaurs, but I really am permitted to say no more at this time.

Am I mistaken or does it really sound like this would put Tyrannosaurus (and 
with it any other dinosaur) into a clade for which feathery integument is 
known? Any more information permitted for release now or do we have to wait 


Heinz Peter Bredow