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Re: Paleo Find ("Millennium Man")

On Sun, 7 Jan 2001 13:28:05   
 David Marjanovic wrote:
>> >Er... through the water. Sounds like pseudoscience or like the hardly
>> >supported hypothesis that humans had semiaquatic ancestors, but it is
>> >than both. I got the idea from
>> Yeah, the Oreopithecus theory.  I had a chance to see the type specimen in
>Florence.  It's a nice specimen...but I don't really buy the
>semiaquatic-ancestor theory.
>*Oreopithecus* was fully terrestrial and bipedal convergently to humans,
>according to the popular article I read about it, and the latest paper on
>semiaquatic ancestors for humans (which I still don't buy) in New Scientist
>doesn't mention it.

I haven't seen the New Scientist article, but I do know that a display and/or 
brochure from the Florence Museum does include a blurb about Oreopithecus 
evolving, due to selective pressure, in a semi-aquatic island environment.  
Perhaps this display is wrong...

Anyway, this is in danger of becoming non-related to the thread, so I'll stop 


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