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Re: Parksosaurus (was RE: Archaeoraptor still a nomen nudum)

In a message dated 1/7/01 4:22:18 PM EST, znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU writes:

<< I just noticed that Parksosaurus Sternberg 1937(?) was first
 published in an ABSTRACT, and, also subsequently used, has not bee
 "properly" presented. My understanding was that abstracts (like theses and
 notes on napkins) do not qualify as proper publication, rendering this genus
 name invalid. Maybe George can fill us in on what the Code has to say. >>

This is OK, because Sternberg just placed Thescelosaurus warreni into its own 
genus, Parksosaurus. Note that the species epithet honors a woman benefactor, 
Mrs. H. D.  Warren, so I emended it to Parksosaurus warrenae back in 1992.