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Re: Scaly tyrannosaurs; fact or fiction?

Ken Kinman wrote-

>      But if I recall correctly, Tom Holtz (at least in an analysis earlier
> in 2000) found Compsognathids to be cladistically intermediate between
> Tyrannosaurs and Maniraptors.
>     When you say your analysis places tyrannosaurs just "below"
> compsognathids, I assume you mean the tyrannosaurs are cladistically
> intermediate between compsognathids and maniraptors.  Right?

Yes, you're correct.  I forgot about that one.  However, unlike the
phylogenies I mentioned, Holtz had compsognathids as maniraptorans, above
ornithomimids as well.  This is also possible in my analyses, as the "basal
coelurosaurs" (compsognathids, Coelurus, Ornitholestes, Scipionyx,
Nqwebasaurus, Nedcolbertia, etc.) have a chaotic placement and will
sometimes be maniraptoriform sister groups and other times basal
maniraptorans.  My current analysis only supports Nqwebasaurus as being a
basal maniraptoran, but I'm sure the next will show something different.
You probably got your last paragraph messed up.  What I meant to say was
that in the phylogenies I mentioned, the topology was as follows-
(Tyrannosauria (Compsognathus + Maniraptoriformes)) .

Mickey Mortimer