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Re: JP3 _Spinosaurus_ (Spoilers!!!)

The neck is not so long in the reconstructions I've seen. The sail though,
in this picture it seems as if it starts at the beginning of the dorsal
vertrebrae and it ends before the tail starts. I would think it gradually
rises and lowers, although it is a high sail. The arms seem to be in
an incorrect pose. Very cool though, can't wait for the movie.  
just some thoughs, 
thans for reading :)


---- Dinochandler@aol.com wrote:
> The neck looks much too short...
> In a message dated 1/7/01 10:56:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> j_mallon@hotmail.com writes:
> << For anyone who cares, a rather fuzzy looking picture featuring a
> puppet of 
>  the _Spinosaurus_ being used in the next Jurassic Park film has just
> been 
>  posted recently at Dan's JP3 page.  Despite maybe the odd anatomical
>  inaccuracy, I think it looks pretty good...
>  http://www.dansjp3page.com/hosting/hannspeter/ORF-Spinosaurus2.jpg
>  Just thought some people might like to know.
>   >>

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