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Re: [Re: Scaly tyrannosaurs; fact or fiction?]

"David Marjanovic" <David.Marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> I'm waiting now, too, because *Psittacosaurus* from Liáoníng "has >
preserved scales, not feathers", as someone wrote on this list a few > years
ago. *P.* isn't so big that one can easily claim secondary loss of > feathers,
I think (though I still have to consider this more > parsimonious)...
> :-)


While, personally, I doubt that feathers were at all this widespread among
dinosaurs, I was wondering if any followup work has been done on Zou and
Niswanders: Scutes = Feathers experiment. 

I mean if scutes really are derived feathers, then one could explain why most
dinosaurs were scaled instead of feathered (including both small and large
dinos) without having to resort to secondary featherlessness (assuming one
believes feathers to be ancestral to all ornithodirans, though the above
experiment would place that much further back [birds & crocs at least]).

I suppose it would help if we could find some Triassic archosaurs with
feathers. Of course it's not like anyone has actually been looking for such a

Okay so maybe Feduccia et al if they could ever get their minds off of
_Longisquama_ :)


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