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Re: You Can't Nitpick a Carnosaur

Jaime Headden wrote-

>   This was pointed out to me privately, and I realized I made a
> serious error ... Never has spinosaurs and torvosaurids been
> placed nearer birds than allosaurids were, and in fact I
> misplaced them by a few nodes.... They are closer to birds than
> *Megalosaurus,* by every phylogeny published with them both in
> it that I've ever seen (I don't have Thulborn's phylogeny, can
> only comment on what Mickey Mortimer has posted on this). They
> are non-avetheropod tetanurines, and in fact the clade
> {*Torvosaurus* + birds} is called Neotetanurae, to the exclusion
> of *Megalosaurus* [basal-most Tetanurae].

And to think, I'm the one who pointed it out to you, but you still got it
wrong. ;-) Although Torvosaurus has never been placed as a coelurosaur, the
hypothesis spinosaurids, troodontids and Archaeornithoides are closer to
birds than other theropods was put forth by Elzanowski and Wellnhofer
(1992).  Holtz (2000) places spinosaurids below Megalosaurus in his GAIA
cladogram.  Finally, Neotetanurae is the clade (Allosaurus + birds), which
excludes Megalosaurus, Torvosaurus and spinosaurids in all cladograms I've

Mickey Mortimer