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Alvarezsauridae splitting??

Before I get too much of reputation as a "mad" lumper (although I do admit to being on the lumper side of the spectrum), I would like to bring up the subject of Alvarezsauridae.
I've always suspected that lumping Alvarezsaurus and Mononykines in the same family was perhaps not such a good idea. It seems like once this was done, most people started to treat it as a unit, rather than possible independent entities.
So my two questions are:
(1) Is the evidence for a holophyletic Alvarezsauridae really all that strong? [After all, Alvarezsaurus is kind of "scrappy" isn't it].
(2) If it isn't really holophyletic, could this perhaps explain why it jumps around Maniraptoriform phylogenies so much (sort of like a barefoot kid in an asphalt parking lot on a hot summer's afternoon). Just wondering if splitting up Alvarezsauridae (like putting shoes on the kid) might make it less phylogenetically jumpy.
-----Shifting to splitting mode?,
Ken Kinman
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