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journals and paleontologists

It looks as many people have the common problem of obtaining that Gaia volume with papers including those of some generally patient and helpful list members. I wonder if this strikes only me or others too that there is a major problem with paleontologists and and the journals they publish in- the latter are simply inaccessible. Some respectable paleontologists like Paul Sereno and his team set up excellent website to inform the public about their discoveries even before they are published. Certain other decent paleontologists on this list have a general tendency to answer most questions of the public. But why is it that they have never thought of being more organized and making their (published) material easily accessible to all interested without mafia formation. In this regard Mickey Mortimer must be lauded for his regular notes. Why not set up an archive like physicists where electronic *reprints* can be accessed. If they are barred by the vested interests of certain litigative parts of the globe they can come around it by distributing reprints through e-mail. For example that paper on Achillobater was so inacessible while being so critical. I wonder as a commnunity why paleontologists did not try making it more easy to obtain for lesser mortals. Some say there is no money but this makes no sense. If there is no money there is all the more reason to be more open as all are paupers.
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