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Re: The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs

On Mon, 08 Jan 2001 16:27:52  
 Daniel Bensen wrote:
>HP Thomas Holtz's essay was one of the chapters I especially enjoyed.  I
>now know almost enough about cladistics to follow the discussions of
>this listserve.

Agreed.  Dr. Holtz's chapter was certainly one of the better ones, and, in my 
opinion, is one of the best general overviews of dinosaurs that I have ever 
read.  I'm not that prone to detail, and didn't notice any of those errors, so, 
to me, those misspellings and mis-labels didn't really matter much.

I think that Dr. Holtz's chapter should be copied by every college professor 
who is trying to teach the basics of dinosaur evolution.  It's not too long, 
but it a near perfect way to introduce any student to dinosaurs.  And, for a 
student such as myself (and for a student like HP Dan), it was a good way to 
introduce some dinosaur cladograms.  Most of what I know about cladistics I 
have learned through osmosis, and reading well-written chapters and papers 
definitely helps drive the ideas deeper into my head.

Three cheers for HP Tom Holtz!


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