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Re: Oviraptor Palatines

Rob Gay wrote-

> So, would secondarily flightless oviraptors eliminate this "convergence"?

Remember "secondarily flightless" doesn't equate to "closer to birds than
Archaeopteryx", so no change in current phylogeny is needed to make
oviraptorids secondarily flightless.  We just need some unknown volant basal
maniraptoran.  If you're asking if placing oviraptorids closer to birds than
dromaeosaurs (sensu Elzanowski) would eliminate that convergence, I don't
believe it would.  Unless you want oviraptorids to be closer to birds than
caenagnathids are, you'd have to have a reversal for caenagnathids or
convergent development of it in oviraptorids anyway.

Mickey Mortimer