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Re: Crocodile predator

Sucho and Bary would most likely eat fish and some other dinos (they
are theropods). Some fish scales were found along with the Bary skeleton,
they were acid etched, also, there were some Iguanadon bones around,
i *think* acid etched as well.  

Now that croc, I would think Sarchosuchus would be the croc at the time.
Luis Rey has a nice picture in his wesite of a Sucho and a Sarcosuchus.

Actually, the croc bites the Sucho in this awesome painting.  
I owuld expect some interaction between Sucho and some crocs, both were
out to get the fish. 
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---- TomHopp@aol.com wrote:
> Nice concept. I imagine Baronyx or Suchomimus standing around in the
> shallows, very still like a way-big heron. Then, it darts an elongated
> snout 
> into the muddy waters and comes up with a wriggling . . . Deinosuchus!
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